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Ushering in a new era of AI-powered revenue acceleration

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June 10, 2024

Last month, Letter AI closed $2.7M in an oversubscribed seed round, with participation from world-class investors like Y Combinator, Formus Capital, TechNexus, Pioneer Fund, Soma Capital, and more. In an era of $5M+ seed rounds, we chose to raise only what we needed and power further growth with sustainable revenue. We are lucky to have customers like Lenovo and Redpanda already experiencing real impact from the Letter AI platform, and we’re excited to continue our journey to build the world’s first revenue acceleration platform powered natively by generative AI.

Read more about our perspective on AI and the future of revenue acceleration below and reach out anytime to learn more about Letter AI.

AI pushes the productivity frontier

In economics, there is a concept of the “productivity frontier.” The idea is there are trade-offs between cost and quality - if you want higher quality outputs, higher costs are required (and vice versa). At a certain point, you max out productivity - meaning you can only get so much quality at any given cost.

Every so often, a technology emerges that pushes the productivity frontier forward - that is, you can deliver higher quality outputs with the same or even lower cost (whether that cost is measured in time or dollars). The steam engine did this centuries ago, the internet in the not so distant past, and now AI has the potential to push that productivity frontier up and to the right again.

A new era of revenue acceleration

We are not the only ones to see this potential in AI. Thousands of researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and more see it too. In particular, we’ve seen a preponderance of AI-powered point solutions that do a good job of solving a specific problem, but come at the cost of increased complexity in your operations and tech stack. Is that still placing you at the optimal spot on the productivity frontier? Wouldn’t the optimal point on the curve be a unified, intuitive solution that actually simplifies your stack?

At Letter, we took a different approach. We spent thousands of hours sitting with customers to understand their friction points across the revenue journey. We then built a unified, AI-powered platform to remove that friction across the end-to-end journey - from sales capability building (training, coaching) to content generation & management to buyer engagement. 

The results are already coming in. Letter helped one customer build an interactive, practical onboarding program within 1 week which an account executive noted was “hands-down the best on-boarding experience I ever had.” We helped another customer influence $100M in TCV using our AI-powered buyer engagement offerings. Our customers are getting more (winning more, onboarding faster) while investing less (both in terms of time and money). The future of AI-powered revenue acceleration is here, and it needs to be on the optimal point of the productivity frontier. 

What’s next

At Letter AI, our recipe is simple: listen to customer needs and ship fast to meet those needs. We will continue to follow this recipe and go deeper into the revenue journey, influencing individual deals to get to the best outcome. Email me directly at to learn more about the future of revenue acceleration with AI - and how we can help you win more, win better, and win faster.

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