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AI’s Impact on Revenue Enablement

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May 2, 2024

So What Is Revenue Enablement?

Revenue enablement has evolved from being solely focused on sales to become a strategic function that supports the entire customer journey across various teams, including sales, marketing, and customer success. 

Unlike the focus on just closing new deals that sales enablement traditionally had, revenue enablement broadens the aperture to all customer-facing roles, ensuring that from the first customer interaction to post-sale support, there is a consistent and comprehensive approach to driving revenue. This holistic method not only improves customer experience but also increases the potential for upsell / cross-sell, customer loyalty, and overall company growth.1

As we mentioned in last week’s post, the problem with the current state of revenue enablement is the overly fragmented nature of the entire ecosystem. Let’s break that down a bit more.

Where Sales Enablement Falls Short

Over the past twenty years, the landscape of enablement has undergone significant transformations, leading to a distinct division between tools designed specifically for sales functions and those catering to broader enablement roles. This division is evident in the variety of technologies that support revenue enablement today, including:

  • Workflow Management - Onboarding, project management, etc. (Workday, Asana) 
  • Learning Management (e.g., Workramp, Docebo)
  • Content Management (e.g., Seismic, Highspot)
  • Coaching and Capability Building (eg. Mindtickle, Second Nature)

The fragmentation underlines numerous pain points for revenue teams:

On average, it takes about 30 days to hire a new salesperson, followed by a cumbersome 90-day ramp-up period due to manual and disconnected onboarding practices. Content management systems, often outdated and manually operated, struggle to integrate with other sales technologies, complicating matters further. Training and coaching are conducted inconsistently, which not only stunts sales staff development but also negatively affects customer experiences. 

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 70% of sales reps are bogged down by using more than 10 different tools within their first 15 months.1 Customer success and marketing efforts suffer from a lack of coordination, leading to misaligned customer communications. This fragmented and manual process significantly undermines the effectiveness of enablement functions and degrades the overall customer experience.

How AI Changes the Game

Generative AI is a new technological paradigm with the potential to completely transform the ecosystem. There are two primary vectors by which AI can transform existing solutions: 

Using AI to deliver point solutions: Implementing AI for specific solutions, like using conversational intelligence to capture critical insights during interactions. While these are beneficial in isolation, they can further complicate the revenue tech stack.

Using AI to unify the enablement experience: More promising is the development of unified platforms that integrate multiple teams and their resources. Built with AI from the ground up, such platforms can quickly generate relevant onboarding and training materials, ensuring consistency across all teams. They can leverage all of the content and collateral in the platform to power AI coaching, expose real-time data and changes to the entire revenue organization, and even expose your customer to one single message throughout the customer journey. The risk here ends up being the classic “jack-of-all-trades and master of none” scenario.

How Letter AI Can Help

Letter AI takes the best of both options above by building a unified, AI-first platform that delivers the depth and capabilities of multiple point solutions.

Imagine an ecosystem where onboarding is accelerated from months to mere days and the tech stack is cut in half, simplifying operations significantly. This unified platform ensures that all revenue teams deliver a consistent message, enhancing team alignment and efficiency. With Letter AI, your company's finest experiences are consistently presented to your clients, optimizing customer interactions and driving success.

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