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Why Generative AI

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April 25, 2024

At Letter AI, we saw an opportunity to mend the fragmented revenue enablement landscape. Too many tools that are difficult-to-use and cannot speak to each other. We see this reflected in various metrics across revenue teams. Most notably:

  • The average sales rep spends only about 36% of their time actually selling1
  • In 2023, the average sales win rate was 21% with sales leaders acknowledging strong enablement can drastically improve this number2
  • The average new sales hire only becomes productive after 11 months3

Ideally, all facets of revenue enablement should be integrated within a robust infrastructure where repetitive tasks are automated and you can focus on what truly matters. This includes all components in the enablement lifecycle, from sales training materials and go-to-market playbooks to technical product details and coaching, delivered to your teams and personalized uniquely for their needs.

Enter Generative AI.

Imagine you're deciding what to cook for dinner, knowing only that you want to use chicken. Picture having a chef beside you with extensive experience, who can instantly suggest creative dishes based on what's available in your kitchen, guiding you through each preparation step, and tailoring the recipe to fit your available time and tools. This chef isn’t just working from existing recipes—they’re crafting new ones uniquely for you.

In traditional computing, systems operate on fixed rules: input precise instructions, and receive a predictable output. For example, programming a computer to cook chicken might require specifying the exact temperature, timing, and ingredients.

Generative AI flips this paradigm on its head. It sifts through massive data pools (public or private), identifies patterns, and synthesizes information to generate innovative, customized solutions dynamically. This isn’t mere automation—it’s intelligent innovation, providing agile responses to evolving challenges.

Applying Generative AI Across the Ecosystem

While we could have focused on creating an isolated solution like an AI sales coach, we recognized the greater value in addressing the entire revenue enablement ecosystem. Generative AI doesn’t just power an AI coach—it transforms onboarding, training, coaching, and strategy into a cohesive, integrated system.

This holistic approach allows us to supercharge the entire suite of enablement functions, making the system not only more efficient but also more adaptable to the needs of your revenue teams.

By embracing generative AI, we're not just changing how tasks are performed; we're redefining what's possible in revenue enablement, giving your teams the ultimate tool to boost their productivity and effectiveness.

What’s Next

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3 As reported by the Sales Management Association
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